The CavanReports Dashboard provides an integrated display of TFMS, TBFM, and STARS performance metrics along with weather and adaptation data.

Key Features

  • Flight data correlation across multiple real-time data sources
  • Derived metrics including wind miles, route conformance, meter fix arc conformance, excess distance flown, and airborne delay from vectoring and ETA changes
  • Winds aloft and convective weather layers
  • Synchronized animation of flown trejectories, weather, and timeseries charts
  • Adaptation display including sectors, fixes, and runways
  • Geospatial filtering based on hand-drawn lines, polygons, and rings

Logging In

Access to the Dashboard requires an API key, which can be requested by contacting reports@cavansolutions.com.

When logging in for the first time, enter your API key as shown below and click "Login".

After successfully logging in, the Search panel and Map will be displayed. The API key will typically be loaded automatically from the browser during subsequent logins.

The Dashboard provides two types of searches: "Correlated" and "STARS only". Each search type is described below.


The correlated search accesses merged TFMS, TBFM, and STARS data for commercial traffic. These searches provide origin-to-destination flight plan and flown trajectory data. A 30-minute arrival time and range for a single arrival airport typically offers a good starting point. A sample search covering 30 minutes of KATL arrivals is shown below.

Correlated searches can filter based on TBFM data including Stream Class. Below, the search has been limited to the GLAVN_JET Stream Class.

STARS only

Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) surveillance and flight plan data is accessible with the STARS search option. Unlike the Correlated search, STARS searches include General Aviation (GA) and helicopter traffic. The search below shows N90 STARS data during the prior 30 minutes.

Map Layers

The Dashboard map includes multiple layers that can be customized and toggled based on user preference. The map menu is accessible by clicking the as shown below.

Basic pan and zoom functionality is demonstrated in the following video. The map menu is draggable to a user-defined position.

The functionality of each map layer is demonstrated in the following videos.


This video explains how to access flight-related information including: flown track, custom colors by altitude, filed flight plans, flight plan amendments, and waypoints. The CavanReports Joined Route is introduced (flight plan combined with the TBFM nominal interior route). Flight plans and amendments are displayed on the map. Aircraft positions are synchronized with the timing of each amendment. STARS surveillance data is integrated with TFMS track data.


This video explains how to toggle the display of adapation-specific information such as: center boundaries, sectors, waypoints, and runways. Sector boundaries are displayed at a user-selected altitude. Waypoints are displayed when zooming close in. This zoom-dependent visibility helps to avoid map clutter.


This video introduces the metrics layer, which includes airborne delay from vectoring. This value-added metric is computed by the CavanReports processing based on flown trajectory data and the Joined Route. A timeseries chart of vectoring delay is provided. Aircraft positions on the map are syncronized with the timeseries chart. Vectoring delay is depicted on the map as red circles. The metric also captures delay reductions due to shortcuts and direct-to maneuvers, which are depicted as green circles on the map.


This video goes through the weather layers that can be superimposed on the map: reflectivity contours, winds aloft vectors, and regions of high wind. CavanReports processing converts gridded weather data into GeoJSON contours. Wind vectors indicate the speed and direction of the wind at the user-selected altitude. Regions containing winds in excess of 100 knots are computed by CavanReports and displayed on the map.


This video demonstrates how to view the map in fullscreen as well customizing the map's theme and basemap, which can be used to display either land features or aviation-related features like terminal area, en-route charts, and helicopter charts. Basemap opacity can be customized as well.


The Dashboard provides integrated animation capabilities. This includes syncronized displays of aircraft positions, weather, and timeseries data. The animation playback speed can be set by the user. For example, the video below shows a 600x animation of KEWR flights avoiding convective weather. With a 600x playback speed, 600 seconds (10 minutes) of actual flight time elapse every second of the animation.


The Results panel (shown below) is divided intro three tabs: Summary, Flights, and Filter. Each tab is described in the following sections.

Summary tab

The Summary tab offers high-level metrics across all flights in the query result. For example, the average wind mileage for the 32 flights returned in the query is 657 miles.

Flights tab

The Flights tab shows one row per flight. Each row contains flight identification information, time data, TBFM information, and several value-added metrics.

Filter tab

The Dashboard performs geospatial filtering using points, lines, polygons, and buffers. The filter can be hand-drawn on the map or defined by a set of coordinates. The filter can also be applied to specific altitude ranges. The list of flights meeting the filter is identified and those flights are highlighted on the map.

The Flight List tab provides a table of the time, in-trail spacing, groundspeed, and altitude upon crossing the filter.

The Altitude tab shows the altitude profiles of all filtered flights relative to their crossing time. In this way, patterns in altitude profiles can be analyzed.

Filters can be modified directly on the map in several ways. Click-and-drag to EDIT points:

Hover then click-and-drag to ADD points:

Press SHIFT then click to DELETE non-endpoints:

Contact Us

For additional information or to schedule a demo, please contact us at reports@cavansolutions.com